Adanze Asante embarked on her writing career when she lived in Harlem, trying to launch a community garden. The garden never grew, but her writing did. She is a recent Clarion West graduate. Ms. Asante earned her M.A. in journalism from U.C. Berkeley and her writings have appeared in the following publications: Omenana, The Network Journal, The New York Daily News, The Oakland Tribune, New York Newsday, The Oregonian, Corpus Christi Caller Times, and African Voices Magazine. She is currently an English Professor at The City University of New York.

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  1. Dear Adanze,

    Great to meet at KGB tonight! As said, I’m a dark/weird fiction writer. You can see more details on my Amazon Author and other links below. The ebook version of my new collection of dark/weird erotic horror is at the link below:


    Ellen Datlow gave one of the stories in this collection, “The People of the Island,” an Honorable Mention in her Best Horror of the Year Volume 2 list for 2009. Here’s what one other reviewer said about the paperback edition of the book:

    “Worlds achingly familiar and eerily alien, the light of love coexisting with the darkest spasms of violent emotion and cruel detachment which may be found in the human spirit. The introduction … reads as though some mad literary alchemist threw Lucien Greaves, Banksy, and William S. Burroughs in a blender and hit ‘liquify,’ or perhaps discovered the suicide note one of Lovecraft’s protagonists folded between the leaves of Beyond Good and Evil…”
    “Shades of the crueler moments of the ‘Metamorphoses’ are evoked with an almost clinical languidness through the callous observations of the torments inflicted under the narrator’s unblinking eye, as chilling as listening to a condemned serial killer linger lovingly over the details of their crimes … seeks to strip away illusions of social evolution, baring the potential for depravity in human hearts…”
    “Mackintosh engages with the written word as a creative expression of some cleansing fire of the spirit, an act of atonement that builds rather than destroys, an orgasmic confession joining pain to redemption that instills a sense of almost voyeuristic guilt in the reader who will likely be unable to look away: perhaps fascinated, perhaps repulsed, perhaps changed… and certainly never bored.”
    – Nicholas Shipman, See The Elephant

    I am also Associate Editor for the US books, publishing and literary website Teleread.org, and review dark and weird fiction there regularly. I also review for Strange Horizons and Metaphysical Circus Press/See The Elephant. You can see links below for sample reviews.


    If you want to read some more details of how I changed the title of the book, that’s all here: https://teleread.org/2016/08/03/why-i-titled-my-book-black-propaganda-and-why-i-retitled-the-e-book-blowback/.

    All the best, and do stay in touch! And if you ever get around to reading my work, do let me know you what you think!


    Paul StJohn Mackintosh
    Website: http://paulstjohnmackintosh.com/
    Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/Paul-St.-John-Mackintosh/e/B00CEH18BM
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaulStJohnMackintosh
    Twitter: pstjmack

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  2. Adanze,
    Nice to meet you. We met at the SFF Workshop at BookCon. If you want some feedback on your website, let me know. Hope all is well with you and a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

    Warm regards,
    Ken Britz


    1. In the year of 2021, I decided to improve on my blog. I’m going for it this year. I just finished revising my second novel. I’m in the process of prepping query letters. I’m so sorry I’m just now reading this. I hope you are well, and fulfilling all of your dreams.


  3. Peace Ken,

    It was nice to meet you as well and yes would love to hear what you think about my stories. I’m in the process of updating my blog with more stories. Just waiting for e-zine publications.

    Talk to you soon,


    P.S. How’s your comedy?


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