The Pickled People

by Adanze Asante At dusk, a crow caws on the porch of Emma Mae’s home. Before I can get any closer, it vanishes. I trip up the steps and think, at this point, I should bail. Until her front door creaks open, but no one’s at the door. I hesitate, stand still for a fewContinue reading “The Pickled People”

It Was Her

“I go into my soundproof basement, where I keep my offerings. My stomach is wrenching with hunger pangs and with each step I salivate, thinking of what my next meal will taste like. Some bodies have a tart taste, some are sweet and spicy, and some are bitter and pungent. It depends on the person’s diet and lifestyle.”

“Spirit Warriors: A Mother’s Milk”

By Adanze Asante Chapter 1 “Abeyance”      I stood on the edge of a cliff ready to be born. Earth was beneath my feet and I could have chosen anywhere in the universe, but my choice led me to one woman: Titilayo Achebe Osa. Olodumare, the Supreme Being, held my hand as we watched herContinue reading ““Spirit Warriors: A Mother’s Milk””